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Back & Shoulder     £32

Back, Neck & Shoulder     £36

Indian Head Massage     £34

Seated massage where you can remain fully clothed. Focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, scalp & face. Holistic treatment manipulating the chakras of the body, which build up negative energy contributing to various ailments. Helps relax & promote wellbeing.

Sports Massage     £44

Extremely deep massage, focusing on specific injuries or concerns, relaxing the muscles & improving the range of movement. Relieves discomfort. Uses special techniques.

Reflexology     £40

Foot massage where the pressure is applied to different points all over the feet. Using the knowledge of the feet being separated into zones and reflecting an image of the body to achieve physical changes. Identifies and relieves problem areas, not only relaxing but extremely beneficial achieving overall wellbeing & even quality of life with those suffering from ailments.

Full Body Massage     £44

Full Body With Face/Scalp £50

15 Minute Touch Therapy £16

(Hands / Feet / Scalp / Face)

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