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Hands & Feet

Manicure with polish     £22

Cut/File, cuticle work, massage, moisturise & polish nails.

Pedicure with polish     £24

Cut/File, rasp (hard skin removal), scrub, cuticle work, massage, moisturise & polish nails.

Gel Manicure*     £30

Gel Pedicure*     £32

Gel Polish on Natural Nails     £24

Gel Polish Soak Off £5

Callus Peel     £18

A skin softener patch is applied to the problem areas of the feet, this penetrates into the skin, softening the callus & enabling dead skin to be gently scraped off. We then built the feet & finish with a soothing & conditioning moisturiser, leaving the feet sandal ready.

Acrylic Overlay with Polish £30

Acrylic Overlay with Gel £35

Acrylics with Polish     £36

Acrylics with Gel Polish £44

Acrylic Infills with Polish    £30

Acrylic Infills with Gel Polish     £36

Acrylic Dip On Natural Nails     £30

Acrylic Dip with Tips      £35

+Polish £3     +Gel £5

File & Polish     £12

Soak off Acrylic    £14

Gents Manicure     £16

Gents Pedicure     £18

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